March 20, 2020


Hopefully all that read this update find themselves and their loved ones in good health during this unfolding national emergency known as Covid-19.  I have received a lot of messages from existing and prospective customers alike, wondering what the effects are shaping up to be on my end.  I'm thankful to report that none in my household are considered "at risk," and we are all doing well.

I recently purchased much larger quantities of raw materials so that I will be able to continue to work as efficiently as possible while we wait this out.  As far as I know today, there are no Post Office closings, and no restrictions to any of the international shipping locations in my order queue.  As conditions exist right now, I see no major changes in my usual day to day operations.  

Also, I am much closer to becoming fully caught up with my oldest outstanding orders.  An overall reduction in wait times is coming!  The ETA's posted on the homepage will be updated accordingly.  Be sure to reload the page if you haven't viewed the website in a while.  This will help ensure you are seeing the latest information.  


Thank you all, and stay well!  - Chris